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Also known as Alterna Frontier Army's Volunteer Army (義勇兵団, Giyūheidan; J-Novel "Volunteer Soldier Corps"), Red Moon (レッドムーン, Reddo mūn). Its flag is a a red crescent moon on a white background. It is a subdivision of the Frontier Army. Brittany is the commander of the Volunteer army. The Volunteer army consists of at least 92 parties with over 500 members.

Red Moon offers 10 silver pieces as a signing bonus to people. Those who accept become trainees and are given a reddish coin with a crescent moon on it. This Trainee Badge (見習い章, minarai shou) identifies the holder as a trainee. To become a full member of Red Moon a trainee will have to pay 20 silver and buy a Corps Badge (団章, Dan shou). The Corps badge gives the owner full membership along with other perks.

Reservist Soldier

The Volunteer Army (義勇兵団, Giyūheidan; J-Novel "Volunteer Soldier Corps") seems to gain its members by the people who come out the tower on top of the hill. All the people have amnesia and cannot remember more than their name. They also seem to unknowingly have an aversion to assisting new arrivals as seen with Shinohara and Haruhiro and later with Haruhiro and Choko's party. Periodically, groups of young people emerge from the tower. Brittany remarks that groups tend to be between around 10-15 people and that it is rare for it to not be. Upon entering the Red Moon Office, they are given an option of either becoming a volunteer soldier (義勇兵, Giyūhei) or simply leave. It is said that volunteer soldiers are considered virgins until they have killed an orc.

Generations of Volunteer Soldiers

Unjo's Generation: Came before Brittany was a volunteer soldier. Has been trapped in Darunggar for almost 16 years and Brittany was not the Commander of Red Moon before he left Grimgar.

  • Unjo

Akira's Generation: Unknown if they came before, after or were part of Unjo's generation but Unjo was surprised to hear that they survived suggesting that they were rookie volunteer soldiers when he last left Alterna.

  • Akira

Brittany's Generation: Brittany was not the commander of Red Moon when Unjo was in Grimgar over 15 years ago and seems younger than Akira or Gogh but has not been confirmed if Brittany came after Akira's generation.

  • Brittany

Kuro's Generation: Not much is known other than that Kuro had been a volunteer soldier for 10 years.

  • Kuro

Tsuguta's Generation: Not much is known other than he has been a thief for over 10 years.

Barbara's generation: We don't really know anything about it, but considering that Barbara was a soldier for long enough to become a trainer, they likely came out quite some time ago.

Eliza's generation: We only know that she is from a slightly younger generation than Barbara.

  • Eliza

Shinohara's generation: Again, we know almost nothing about it, but considering that he and Barbara were part of the same party for a short time, when she was still an active-duty soldier and likely before he found Orion, that generation is likely close in age to Barbara's.

  • Shinohara

Soma's Generation: Not much is known other than that they have been volunteer soldier's for 4 - 6 years. Not known if other members of Tokimune or Soma's party were apart of the same generation of volunteers.

  • Soma
  • Tokimune

Merry's Generation: We don't know precisely when they arrived, but they preceded the generation that came before Haruhiro's group. It is unknown how many people were in this generation, but it was mentioned that it was a large one. There are two known survivors.

The generation that Preceded Haruhiro's: Not much is known other than that it only contained 3 people who have yet to obtain their Corps Badges.

  • Kisaragi
  • Ichika

Haruhiro's Generation: One of the newest generations, they've been in Grimgar for less than 2 years. Originally it was composed of 12 people, though now only 9 remain. It should be noted that out of the 3 people that died, 2 were in Haruhiro's group at the time of their death and one was part of Renji's.

Choko's Generation: Was the generation that came after Haruhiro's. They came to Grimgar around 2-3 months after Haruhiro did. It is said there were more people than Haruhiro's generation but Kuzaku is the only known surviving member.

  • Choko
  • Kuzaku
  • Unknown male warrior
  • Unknown male warrior
  • Unknown male priest
  • Unknown female mage

Team Haruhiro's second coming. A highly unusual generation of volunteer soldiers, if they can even be called that since they came out at a time when Alterna was occupied by goblins and as such weren't offer to become part of the Red moon Volunteer army. More unusual than the situation at the time they came out, is the fact almost all members of that generation were known volunteer soldiers. Finally even more unusual than that, is the fact that while most of them had had their memories erased, Merry still had most of her memories. That generation was made up of 2 teams: Team Haruhiro (minus Yume and Ranta) and Team Io.

However, one of the 2 teams was immediately recruited by Hiyomu, becoming Ainrand Leslie's servants, which could also be one more unusual event as Hiyomu doesn't recruit from all generations.

  • Haruhiro
  • Merry (not amnesiac)
  • Setora
  • Kiichi
  • Kuzaku
  • Shihoru
  • Io (immediately recruited by Hiyomu)
  • Gomi (immediately recruited by Hiyomu)
  • Tasukete (immediately recruited by Hiyomu)
  • Hiyo (Hiyomu tried to pass herself as another poor amnesic girl waking up in a strange place but because of Merry she is quickly forced to drop the act)